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Are you frustrated with having to invest in new computer systems and software very few years and paying through the nose for the privilege? Wouldn’t you rather pay a very reasonable fixed monthly service fee that includes service subscriptions, software licencing, technical support and all future upgrades?

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No need to worry. Office 365 provides a great experience for Mac users including the ability to download and install Office for Mac as part of your subscription.

Get a great experience across all devices including Mac, Android, iPad and iPhone.

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Secure, Managed ‘Cloud’ IT Services for Small Business

Do you own or manage a small to medium sized business and struggle with technology? Do you find IT suppliers bamboozle you with ‘techno-talk’ in a language you find difficult to understand? If you are looking for a business technology solution that is designed specifically around how your organisation works yet is simple and powerful and enables flexible and mobile working then get in touch. We specialise in designing, building, and managing ‘Cloud-Hosted’ IT and Communications systems that work the way you work and are easy for your staff to use, secure yet cost effective. You only need to pay for what you use, as you use it!

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Working with files and folders in Office 365

One of the biggest challenges when working with files and folders stored in SharePoint Online is doing the day to day things that you take for granted when your files were either stored on the C drive on your PC or a local file server. What we’ve tried to achieve with this article is to […]

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Enable Clutter in Office 365

Clutter is a new feature recently added to Exchange Online in Office 365 that could be a godsend to those of us who don’t keep their Inboxes clear on a regular basis. Once enabled it can learn from your email habits and automatically redirect messages of the type that you don’t interact with in to […]

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Office 365 Business – Plans get a revamp

As we’ve said in a previous article the correct Office 365 subscription for any business isn’t so much about size but more about organisational needs. To a large extent that has all changed as Microsoft have now introduced new ‘Business’ plans that have replaced the Small Business and Medium Business (or ‘M’) Plans. In our […]

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Choosing the right Office 365 plan for your business – Size isn’t everything!

Looking at the Microsoft Office 365 site you’d be forgiven to think that this should be a straightforward decision. If I have less than 10 employees I choose the Small Business (P) Plan, for 10 to 250 employees I would choose the Mid-Size (M) Plan or for more than 250 staff I would go for […]

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Business Manager

As a business owner or manager you want your staff performing at their best and have access to the best available tools for the job at the best price. Cloud Services such as Office 365 deliver the latest applications and services all for a very reasonable monthly cost on a flexible contract that scale up and down as your business needs change. In addition, as these services are run from secure data centres outside of your premises your staff have the ability to work  and securely access business information from almost any physical location on any device taking mobile productivity to a new level.

Finance Manager

Historically the IT purchase cycle has always revolved around a 3 or 5 year cycle where server hardware and software would need replacing as the machines were no longer up to the job of running constantly evolving applications or updated operating system software. Cloud Services and Office 365 changes all this as you can budget for a fixed monthly operating cost that increases or decreases in direct proportion to headcount and includes future upgrade costs. The only area where need to look at capital expenditure is for user devices and internal networking infrastructure to provide connectivity.

IT Manager

Many working in IT Management may fear that with the momentum towards Cloud Computing such as Office 365 that they won’t have a job or a department to run but there is nothing further from the truth. There will be fewer servers sitting in those racks that need backing up and patching at increasingly anti-social hours but is that a bad thing? Instead your staff can have a far bigger impact on business growth by working on projects that directly make a difference. In addition Microsoft build in business continuity by using Geo-redundant data centres all helping to add value to the solution.

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