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Enterprise 365 Consulting was formed in the spring of 2012 by Kevin Meager, who is not only an IT industry veteran of around 30 years but has also has in excess of 20 years experience of running a small business. As such he has a deep understanding of business processes in the Small to Medium Business (SMB) Sector, recognising no two businesses are the same and require information and communications technology solutions that are unique to them and the way they choose to operate.

I’ve worked with technology all my working life (a very long time!) having started out as an Apprentice Electronic Engineer with the Ministry of Defence then working in the medical and scientific fields before moving to computer engineering in the mid-1980’s. I worked for a number of computer manufacturers and service companies through to the early 1990’s which included leading a team of engineers maintaining mainframe and mini-computer systems for the Bank of England.

I co-founded my first company in 1992, which was when I started¬†working with managers and owners of other businesses, helping them with their technology needs. Over the years I have come to realise that most business managers and leaders aren’t really interested in owning or managing IT and Communication systems. They just want to use technology in a simple yet intelligent way, enabling their staff to remain productive at all times and work flexibly, whether they are office or field based.

When setup correctly and used in the right way Cloud Services enable this to happen. By virtually eliminating upfront hardware and software costs you just need to pay for what you need, as and when you need it.

In a bizarre kind of way Business Computing has almost gone full circle, with Cloud Services located in large secure data-centres replacing the ‘Mainframes’ of the 1980’s. In those days it tended to be Computer Bureau companies who would ‘rent-out’ computing power on a time-share basis to smaller organisations that needed these systems to process complex batches of data, yet didn’t want to have to spend the sums required to buy them.

Our CEO and Founder - Kevin Meager

What we provide at Enterprise 365 Consulting  are bespoke business technology solutions that fit around the way you work. We sit down and discuss with you how your business operates, identifying any barriers or bottlenecks that may exist in your current systems. We then propose a technology solution that will, hopefully not only streamline your operations but may even end up costing less than you may be currently paying for your Information and Communication Systems.

If this resonates with you, please get in touch and we will do what we can to help.

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