Exchange Online Email Migration Service

Getting Email, Calendar and Contact data from your existing systems with minimum disruption and zero downtime is critical for you to achieve early success with your Office 365 project. We offer a range of fixed price services that enable you to achieve this with minimum effort on your part, all at a fixed cost.

You can choose from 3 available services:

1. Standard Migration – We just migrate email and related data from your existing email servers or service, populate your user accounts in Office 365 then switch the DNS records so all new email flows directly to Office 365. We then run a final pass to ‘mop-up’ any remaining data that may have arrived in existing systems during the switch.

2. Enhanced – All of option 1 plus we configure your staff’s PCs to collect email from the Office 365 service. This assumes you have a compatible version of Microsoft Office already.

3. Complete – We carry out all in Option and 2 but we also ensure your PCs are at the correct Service Pack and Patch level then we install Office Professional Plus from your Office 365 Subscription and setup for your staff.

These services can be carried out remotely, on your premises or a combination of the two.