SharePoint Online

Microsoft SharePoint Online is a Microsoft Office 365 service for businesses of all sizes. Instead of installing and deploying Microsoft SharePoint Server on your premises, you can now simply subscribe to SharePoint Online to provide your employees with an enterprise-grade solution for creating sites to share documents and information with colleagues, business partners and customers.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online helps you to:

  • Work together effectively. Share your team’s documents and track projects to keep everyone working together.
  • Keep documents up to date. Manage your team’s important documents online so the latest versions are always at hand.
  • Easily access information online. Provide everyone on your team with access to critical business information when and where they need it. Easily protect critical business information. Control who can access read and share documents and information.

SharePoint Online works with familiar Microsoft Office applications. It’s easy to create Office documents and save them directly to SharePoint Online. Users can also set document-level permissions to protect sensitive content. In addition, SharePoint Online makes it possible with one click to communicate in real-time with colleagues, customers and partners from within SharePoint sites using Microsoft Lync™ Online. By allowing Microsoft to operate and manage the infrastructure that is associated with SharePoint Online, you can focus your resources on what is important—running your business!

There are a number of types of site you can setup in SharePoint Online:

My Sites: Use to share and manage personal documents and information

  • Create your own personal My Site to share personal information and professional expertise.
  • Access and manage important documents from your PC, phone, or browser.
  • Follow your colleagues’ latest activities and updates using notes and activity feeds.,/li>
  • Protect sensitive personal content and control who can read, edit and access files.

Team Sites: keep teams in sync and manage important projects

  • Manage and share important documents to help teams work together efficiently.
  • Track key project milestones and schedules with shared-calendars.
  • Create, edit and review documents and proposals in real-time.
  • Manage important meeting notes and project delivery schedules.
  • Share documents and information easily with trusted business partners.
  • Enable real-time communication with colleagues right from within SharePoint.
  • Apply your own unique look and feel to team sites with custom themes and branding.

Intranet Sites: keep everyone in your buisness up to date with company news and information

  • Keep your employees up to date with the latest company news and information.
  • Access key business documents such as policies and procedures, training guides and expense forms.
  • Find important documents and people easily.
  • Share ideas and seek input from others in your company using community discussion forums and surveys.
  • Alert employees to news and business developments using blogs.

Public Website: market your business on the Web

  • Use simple out-of the box web templates to personalize your site.
  • Choose your own personalized company domain.
  • Update site content quickly and easily using just your Internet browser.
  • Help customers find the information they need on your site quickly.

SharePoint Online subscription plans:

SharePoint Online Plan 1 (as provided with Office 365 E1 and E2 Plans)


  • 10GB of base customer storage plus 500MB per user – not Kiosk users
  • 500MB of personal storage in MySite per user – not Kiosk users (storage limit can’t be adjusted)
  • Can have up to 300 site collections – excluding MySites
  • Up to 50 Partner Access Licenses for external users such as customers
  • Maximum individual size of file that can be uploaded is 250MB
  • Can view Office documents online in your browser

SharePoint Online Plan 2 (as provided with Office 365 E3 and E4 Plans)

Includes all of SharePoint Online Plan 1 plus the following Enterprise features:

  • Access Services for publishing Access Databases online in SharePoint
  • Business Connectivity Services to connect to external systems
  • InfoPath Forms enabling you to create rich business forms to gather information quickly and cost-effectively
  • Excel Services enables REST-based calls to backend data stored in SharePoint Online lists and Excel documents stored in SharePoint Online document libraries.
  • Visio Services lets users share and view Visio web drawings

SharePoint Online Kiosk (only available as part of Office 365 K1 and K2 Plans)

  • Users get no storage allowance of their own but just get the ability to view (K1 and K2) and edit (K2 only) documents

Further information

For further information on the functionality of individual components of Office 365 please refer to the Office 365 for Enterprise Service Descriptions